Ticketmaster Conspiring with Scalpers? Class-Action Lawsuit Pending

by: The Knowledge Group

October 09, 2018


A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Ticketmaster and Live Nation. It is alleged the two companies have participated in unfair and unlawful business practices in an effort to boost ticket sales. A recent investigative report by Canada’s CBC released this past September appears to have shown Ticketmaster colluding with ticket scalpers. The lawsuit against the corporate behemoth was filed in a California federal court by the law firm Hagens Berman this past Friday. Allen Lee is the lead plaintiff. Lee is suing Ticketmaster, the parent company of Live Nation, for illegal practices that have wrongfully enriched the ticket-selling company. It is alleged this enrichment came at the expense of customers.

Details of Ticketmaster’s Alleged Wrongdoings

Ticketmaster allegedly operated in a covert manner to help ticket scalpers scoop up considerable quantities of in-demand tickets. These tickets were then re-sold. Ticketmaster raked in copious amounts of cash from the tickets’ sale on the secondary market that occurs through platforms regulated by the ticket giant. Though the company’s secondary market is widely respected, permitting widespread re-sales conflicts with the Ticketmaster policies. Those opposing Ticketmaster claim the company’s practices equate to a black market ripoff scheme.

The Irony in the Allegation

It is quite ironic Ticketmaster seems to have defrauded its own customers. The days of strictly worrying about shady ticket scalpers hanging around event venues are fading away. It is now the seemingly legitimate ticket sellers who cannot be trusted. If the allegations detailed above are true, Ticketmaster and Live Nation are ringleaders of an enormous price-hiking scam that defrauded millions of people. Anyone in the United States who has bought a ticket from a reseller connected to Ticketmaster’s auxiliary market qualifies as a class member. As an example, secondary market tickets bought from re-sale platforms such as Ticketmaster Verified and Tickets Now qualify. Once the class is certified by a judge, the path will be clear for the case to be heard.

Problems are Mounting for Ticketmaster

It is also worth noting a second class-action lawsuit has been filed against Live Nation and Ticketmaster for the supposed artificial manipulation of ticket prices. This second suit has been filed in Canada. Both class-action lawsuits are currently pending in their respective courts.

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