Third Tesla Whistle-blower Piles Misery on Musk

by: The Knowledge Group

March 19, 2019


It is indeed a tangled story.

It was June 2018 when Business Insider printed details about dangers and inefficiencies costing millions at Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory, which makes the batteries for electric cars. The presumed whistleblower was former worker Martin Tripp.

Tesla sued Tripp, for allegedly creating hacking software to steal Tesla data.

Tripp countersued, denying the accusations and claiming defamation.

Enter Another Whistleblower. And Another.

Another Tesla employee reported how Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, tried to ruin Tripp.

And now, the factory’s security manager has filed the latest whistleblower report with the SEC. It alleges that Tesla authorities followed and eavesdropped on Tripp, and misled police investigators. When Musk tipped a reporter that Tripp was preparing to shoot up the factory, Tripp was tracked down and found unarmed.

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