The Texas MCLE Deadline: What You Need to Know

by: The Knowledge Group

October 09, 2019


Texas lawyers might not be especially fond of birthdays.

The deadline for complying with CLE requirements in Texas is the last day of the lawyer’s birthday month. Texas attorneys have a grace period, lasting only until the end of their birthday month, to get the 15 hours of CLE done and reported.

After the grace period, expect monthly fines for the following three months. Go past that, Texas will suspend you from law practice.

The Low-Down on Texas CLE Hours

The Texas CLE requirements boil down to 15 hours of CLE per compliance year.

Of that total, three hours must be in legal ethics. Twelve must be accredited CLE classes. Three of the hours, including one in legal ethics, can be spent in “self-study” learning.

Defining Texas Self-Study CLE

Any CLE study carried out individually, whether alone or in a non-accredited professional education setting, counts as self-study (as opposed to participatory study).

This is optional: You may complete three out of fifteen hours through self-study. You may complete one hour of legal ethics through self-study. The rest of the required hours have to occur through accredited CLE study.

Online CLE: Acceptable in Texas

Texas attorneys may do all fifteen CLE hours through online settings.

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