The Rise of Social Media Crime: How to Stay Secure

by: The Knowledge Group

November 17, 2017


The more digital platforms we rely on, the more avenues cybercriminals have to reach us. With social media continuing to play an increasingly prominent role in people’s day-to-day lives, social media cybercrime has been on the upswing as well.

One recent example of social media crime took place with the popular

communication app, WhatsApp. Cybercriminals were able to upload a zombie app in the Google Play store that looked just like the official WhatsApp app. When it was downloaded, though, it infected the device with adware – and more than 4 million devices are thought to have been infected. What makes this attack even more concerning is the reliance that businesses and organizations have on WhatsApp; it isn’t just individuals who have been affected but entire organizations.

With each app a person uses, similar threats exist. With this being the case, it is crucial that individuals and businesses alike take steps in order to reduce the risk of cyber attacks that their reliance on social media and various apps opens them up to.

How to Reduce the Risk of Social Media Crime

A number of steps can be taken that will leave you less vulnerable to attacks that take place on a social media app. These steps include:

  • Always installing app updates
  • Use AppLock to lock down individual apps
  • Always install the latest security software on all your devices
  • Link your devices with a Google Account so that you can locate them and/or disable them if they are lost

While these steps can help eliminate social media crime, one of the best ways businesses can reduce their risk is by arming themselves with the latest information regarding the current state of cybersecurity. In our upcoming webcast, “DHS Framework and Principles for IoT Devices: What It Means to Your Company” cybersecurity experts will discuss the future landscape of cybersecurity and how an increased reliance on IoT devices affects a business’s security.

If you would like to ensure that your business stays protected in the face of increasing cybersecurity threats and a rapidly changing technological landscape, we invite you to sign up for this informative webcast.