Ransomware Strikes Again – Garmin is the Latest to Fall

by: The Knowledge Group

August 06, 2020


Garmin has long been the leading designer and product seller for global positioning satellite data readers, otherwise known as GPS devices. Whether it’s the navigation map in a new car or GPS location devices for hunters and joggers, the devices have been a mainstay for mapped activity, driven by map data from Garmin online connections. That was all fine until July 23rd when Garmin, as a company, was hacked and their network locked up by ransomware.

Dubbed the hack of the Internet, ransomware essentially places a program in a computer that executes and encrypts the files on it. The user then gets a message to send money to an email address to unlock the computer.  Because the racket has been successful, businesses and government agencies were pressured to cough up hundreds of thousand dollars as ransom. There is no guarantee that this will not happen again.

The source has been alleged as Evil Corp, a Russian hacking group led by Maksim Yakubets. As the leader of what is becoming the most wanted hacking group in 2020, Yakubets isn’t hiding in the shadows. He loves to show off his sports cars, toys, and estates. However, he gets the most news from his attacks, many of which are rumored to be in coordination with Russian government activities as well. Thirty-one American companies have been hit recently, eight being Fortune 500 targets. No surprise the FBI would love to grab him like they did with Nigerian hacker, Ray Hushpuppi (Instagram name).

Garmin, for their part, was able to regain access to their affected workstations days after the attack. It’s still not clear if the company paid the $10-million crypto ransom.