One Giant Leap for Vodafone: 4G Network Headed for the Moon

by: The Knowledge Group

March 01, 2018


Cellular phone companies are always trying to rivet our attention. But Vodafone Germany might beat them all. The company just grabbed an out-of-this-world space to promote its brand.

In a first, a moon mission will occur next year propelled by private funding, five decades after NASA astronauts went. With Nokia tapped to create a very lightweight network set-up, Vodafone will power a 4G network for the moon. (The state-of-the-art 5G network can’t go because it’s still in its testing phase.)

The network’ purpose is to provide support for PTScientists in their “Mission to the Moon” —  a project that will also bring along a lunar lander and two Audi lunar rovers launched in a SpaceX Falcon 9.

PTScientists founder Robert Bohme said: “This is a crucial first step for sustainable exploration of the solar system.” Some might reasonably question that assertion.


The network is said to be a key element of the infrastructure being put into place for future lunar exploits. It will connect the two Audi rovers in a shared communication link, bypassing the need to beam signals to Earth and relay them back to the moon.

Ooohs and aaahs will ensue. The network will enable the Audis to transmit HD video of the rovers the Apollo 17 crew placed on the moon back in 1972.

The @VodafoneGroup tweeted a “sneak preview.” Other tweeters were, as expected, impressed. One asked if the companies’ event will become a TV hit “like July 21, 1969” — the day Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong took that first small step.

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