Kaspersky’s Fall From Grace Now Includes Twitter Ban

by: The Knowledge Group

April 26, 2018


How the mighty have fallen. There was a time when Kaspersky Lab could easily have claimed it was about to own the reigning crown over IT security and anti-virus protection, stealing the title and market share from titans like Norton and McAfee. However, that path to heavyweight tech stardom among the likes of Amazon and Google was suddenly shattered in a moment when Kaspersky as a company found itself in the target sites of Homeland Security.

Once the official word went out from U.S. government officials that Kaspersky had crossed the proverbial no-go line of collecting and sharing its data with Russia’s government spy apparatus, whether true or not, the company has been on a doomed slide ever since. Call them one of the unintended victims of the last presidential election scandal, Kaspersky’s injuries continue to mount.

Now the Russian IT security company is being banned from Twitter and trying to reconstruct its damaged market share, being accused of violations of advertising rules. The ban started in early January but had been kept under wraps for the most part to lessen the related media damage to Kaspersky. However, the Twitter ban is yet another cut with salt in the wound. In response, Kaspersky has called everyone’s bluff by offering to expose its entire code for its advertisements to prove no collusion with Russian operatives, but unfortunately the Trump Administration’s ban on Kaspersky from federal computers has done its deed.

Some wonder if the U.S. federal government is putting pressure on home companies to eliminate Kaspersky’s presence in the country even more. Yet the official statement from Homeland Security is that no such directive or unofficial pressure has occurred. Twitter is not the first social media center to drop Kaspersky but it is a significant player given the tweeting company’s reach. What makes the matter notable is that any Twitter advertiser ban action is rare in and of itself, period. And the last bans included other Russian companies also accused of collusion in election tampering in the U.S.

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