Investors Challenge Lyft in Class Action Securities Fraud Suit

by: The Knowledge Group

May 28, 2019


Investors have ride-share firm Lyft in the legal spotlight. An investors’ class-action suit will likely impact the company’s financial and PR strength—even as Lyft’s current market capitalization, about $16 billion, is now well below its IPO value of $20 billion.

The lawsuit claims Lyft misled and defrauded the public through promotional statements surrounding the company’s initial public offering with the SEC. The suit, in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of California, accuses Lyft, and key officers, directors, and underwriters, of numerous securities violations.

Lyft is accused of inflating its market share percentage and failing to warn investors of ride-share bike recalls and worker strikes. Both Uber and Lyft have faced driver strikes this year. The Knowledge Group earlier reported on drivers’ actions ahead of Uber’s IPO.

Meanwhile, this year Uber settled a class action lawsuit with 13,600 California and Massachusetts drivers involving employee misclassification allegations. Companies using gig workers often use arbitration clauses to head off class actions. Internationally, these contractual provisions are under legal attack.

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