Increase in TCPA Litigation: What you Need to Know

by: The Knowledge Group

November 03, 2017


In recent years, courts have started cracking down on illegal telemarketing, leading to a noticeable increase in litigation regarding the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). For consumers, this action comes as a welcome protection of their privacy.

For businesses, though, the increase in TCPA litigation can lead to some troubling concerns; now, even an unsolicited text message can land a business in hot water.

Businesses have long had to walk a fine line between legal, ethical marketing and acts that violate that TCPA. As courts start putting more and more pressure on enforcing the TCPA, though, that line is now blurred more than ever before.


Remaining compliant is easily doable so long as you understand what constitutes a violation of the TCPA; this, however, is often easier said than done.

Given the current landscape of telemarketing and the seriousness of the attempts to enforce the TCPA, it is now more important than ever for businesses to fully understand what is and isn’t allowed under the TCPA and to evaluate their own practices to make sure they are remaining compliant.

To help business executives and attorneys better understand this ever-evolving landscape, we are hosting a live webcast titled “TCPA Compliance Burden Amidst Increased Litigation: Key Developments You Should Know”. In this webcast, TCPA experts William I. Rothbard and G. David Carter will discuss recent court decisions concerning the TCPA, potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, trends, developments, and updates, TCPA compliance requirements, and more.

For many businesses, telemarketing still plays a major role in their overall marketing strategy. However, for businesses engaging in telemarketing, understanding the current state of the TCPA and the litigation surrounding it is essential. To learn more and put yourself in a position to make a positive difference for your company, we invite you to attend the “TCPA Compliance Burden Amidst Increased Litigation: Key Developments You Should Know” webcast, and we look forward to providing you with cutting-edge information on this important topic.