Groupon to Pay $57 Million for IBM Patent Infringement

by: The Knowledge Group

October 30, 2018


Groupon put up a good fight, but it will have to pay IBM a $57 million under a settlement.

For years, IBM has accused Groupon Inc. of infringing on innovations — including a sign-in method dating back to the dawn of the internet. In July a jury awarded IBM $83 million in the case. IBM initiated the suit in March 2016, encompassing both a patent infringement claim and the cost of licensing IBM e-commerce innovations in the future.

Groupon publicly pondered petitioning for a reduction in the payment, as it believes some IBM patents are too dated to count as valid, and others fail the test of “non-obviousness” in the Patent Act.

Back to Business

IBM — which, for its part, had asked the court to double the jury’s award and require Groupon to pay $167 million in damages — finally settled, in order to end the case and work with Groupon through a cross-licensing agreement. IBM might also add Groupon products to its corporate benefits package.

New York-based IBM holds more than 45,000 U.S. patents, putting it ahead of any other business in this respect. It earns more than a billion annually in licensing fees to tech giants such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and Amazon.

Patent Case Law Evolves

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