“Google, You Owe Us” – British Class Action Tells Net Giant

by: The Knowledge Group

December 08, 2017


Small mistakes often lead to larger ones when not corrected. In the case of Google’s zeal in capturing data, a lesson learned in 2012 has come back to haunt the Internet giant in 2017. Back then, the company settled a $22.5 million payout in a Federal

Trade Commission claim regarding how it purposefully sidestepped Safari browser safeguards and took personal data. However, the company never closed the matter overseas and just got served with a class action lawsuit in the United Kingdom for the same behavior. The problem in the case though is much more expensive; dubbed “Google You Owe Us,” the British litigation team is seeking a reward of $1 billion. This one is going for a far more tender spot in Google’s wallet.

The case shows an interesting contrast in how Europe treats tech giants versus their slap on the wrist in the U.S. The European Union has no tolerance for companies that presume themselves untouchable. Instead, both regulators as well as court systems are far more geared to chop conglomerates down to size a bit for the “greater community good.” Microsoft learned that lesson in Europe a few years ago. Now Google is the next to graduate from the European School of Hard Knocks.


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