Google to Block Ads – Are Companies Worried?

by: The Knowledge Group

February 20, 2018



Google recently announced it will block certain ads by default for its Google Chrome browser. Some industry insiders wonder if this move will lead to reduced online advertising. Large companies that specialize in web marketing will certainly have reason to panic if additional web browsers follow suit. However, the chances of such a series of events unfolding are quite low.

About Google’s Decision to Block Ads

The company’s Chrome web browser ad-blocker was engineered to stop those intrusive and annoying ads from altering the web surfing experience. Google Chrome users will soon be able to bypass such ads and enjoy a seamless web surfing session without any sort of interference from outside sources. Google’s primary intention is to thwart those massive full-page video ads that auto-play before the user has a chance to do anything.

The Coalition for Better Ads (CBA) will make the call as to which ads should be blocked. This group is comprised of companies including the likes of Facebook and Google itself. Websites will be provided with upwards of 30 days to take down disruptive ads before the blocking commences.

How Google’s Ad-blocking Will Work

The Chrome browser will automatically stop ads from appearing on sites if they are not in accordance with the Better Ads Standards. When a network request is blocked, Chrome will present the user with a message stating ad blocking is underway. The user will also be provided with the ability to disable the ad-blocker setting. It is interesting to learn the ad industry did not put up a fuss over Google’s decision.

A Look to the Future

There is a question as to whether Google will solely block those large full-page ads or if the company will block additional ads in due time. At the moment, there is no reason for those who work in web advertising or content marketing to panic. Google Chrome users will be able to bypass those annoyingly large ads, surf the web in peace and still see traditional web ads that lead to clicks and subsequent sales.