FDA Drops the Hammer on Teen Vaping

by: The Knowledge Group

May 01, 2018


The federal government is going after teen smoking again. However, this time it is the digital age version with a focus on vaping and electronic cigarettes in particular. The US Food and Drug Administration made full notice that it is launching an all-hands initiative to shut down the commercial advertising targeting teens. Additionally, retailers are on warning not to be transacting vaping products to kids either. In particular, one company stands out in the FDA’s scope, Juul. That e-cigarette producer has been directly associated with teen vaping and encouraging further related activity which is now being targeted by government shut-down efforts.

The crackdown is following the typical FDA field approach with heavy duty undercover sting operations on retailers specifically caught selling e-cigarette products to teens. 40 retailers have already been caught nationwide, with many involving Shell gas stations and 7-Eleven convenience store businesses and franchises. eBay also got the regulatory hint and wiped out any transactions that would have made it easy for teens to buy Juul products online via auctions or quick-buy transactions.

Juul, reading the tea leaves by the federal agency’s investigation of the company and its heavy association with teens, is going official has entirely being against underage vaping and usage. Much of the data Juul is expected to hand over to the FDA is focused on its marketing campaign, purchasing data, demographics research and related to open up what triggers are drawing teens to the product and brand in particular.

With over 2 million teens who have already vaped by 2016, the FDA has made teen vaping prevention and smoking in general a clear health priority and is using Juul as public enemy number one for teens and their protection going forward in 2018. The question is, however, why Juul is the only company targeted specifically when everyone knows there are multiple players in the e-cigarette market that teens have access to.

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