Data Left in The Open? Passwordless Army Data Stolen

by: The Knowledge Group

December 08, 2017


If any organization should be trusted to keep their data secure, it’s the United States military. Yet in November of 2017, a security researcher discovered a batch of Army and NSA files that had been stored on a server with no password protection. Within that batch of files were several files that were marked as “Top Secret” and “NOFORN” which means that the data was not to be shared with foreign allies. Though the gap in security has now been fixed, the fact that is was there in the first place is deeply troubling.

Right now, it’s unclear whether any of the data was accessed by unauthorized individuals or what the ramifications of this gap in security will be going forward. What we do know is that if private security researchers are able to find Top Secret files sitting on the internet with no protection, it’s concerning to think who else might be able to access these files as well.

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