Is Computerized Interviewing the New Labor Frontier?

by: The Knowledge Group

February 13, 2018


The fact that computers have been heavily used for screening job applicants is no surprise to anyone who has been working the job market for a while. Resumes are screened, filtered and sorted by metatags, key words, phrases and even the level of word complexity used. However, until recently, when a job applicant is called for an interview he or she has been comfortable in assuming that the meeting will at least be with a live person or panel. However, the rise of technology is now seeping into this aspect of the job market as well.

Many companies are now starting to use a combination of video-based screening and artificial intelligence to find better matches between labor needs and labor candidates. It’s no shock that someone eventually found a way to select candidates better than the traditional interview meeting. Many a hiring manager has lamented that an interview is a poor tool by which to judge a candidate’s ability to a do a job. However, the model has persisted for generations under the false impression that a supervisor can sort out by gut feeling and answers a good pick. Instead, using a set of predetermined criteria, some companies are now sorting candidates through a battering of signals, observations and computer statistics. The accuracy of a match to criteria is much higher as computers don’t inject emotional biases; the candidate either matches the criteria or does not.

The advent of computers in hiring interviews is a new frontier but likely one that is going to catch on quick. Company managers today are strapped for time, resources and frequently don’t have hours on hours to spend sitting in hiring panels picking candidates. Further, most jobs are now generating hundreds of resumes in response as their are far more initially qualified candidates than their are jobs. As a result, companies will likely latch onto the AI approach to resume filtering and quickly. Gone are the days of feeling a way through an interview as a result. Candidates will do themselves a favor presenting the best video presentation and image possible and brushing up on their metatags for their digital resumes.