CBS Execs Accused of Insider Trading: Is Any Company Safe?

by: The Knowledge Group

February 19, 2019


Multiple CBS Corporation execs engaged in insider trading just before the news came out about sexual harassment accusations against former CEO and Chair Leslie Moonves. This is the claim of a shareholder lawsuit against the company naming Moonves as one of the alleged traders.

Inside Edition?

Also accused in the lawsuit are Joe Ianniello, the acting CEO; the company’s chief accountant; and a former CBS communications chief.

In the aggregate, the transactions involved more than $200 million in shares, all occurring prior to the company’s announcement that it would investigate the harassment claims.

Meanwhile, CBS itself reports that the lawyer who oversaw Apple’s insider trading policy faces federal insider trading charges. According to the Department of Justice, investigators say the lawyer engaged in trades while telling others not to.

Insider trading is just one form of internal security breach to anticipate.

Breaches From Within Agencies and Businesses Comprise a Growing Problem

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Typically, companies are on the alert for external threats.

Yet negligent and deliberate breaches occurring from within are growing in number.

Attacks From Inside Pose Special Management Challenges

Corporations and agencies must have sound strategies and effective techniques to address the insider trading and security risks:

  • Communication among departments to reduce threats.
  • Protection for networks.
  • Budgets for applications that can assess risk, detect threats, and shield the entity.
  • Safekeeping of trade secrets and intellectual property.
  • Appropriate security policies, procedures, and sanctions.
  • Litigation strategies.

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