Apple Throttles iPhone Processor Speeds? What you Need to Know

by: The Knowledge Group

January 09, 2018


If you own an Apple iPhone of any type, you should know Apple is intentionally slowing phone processor speeds. Apple executives have apologized for slowing the performance of older iPhone models. The company admitted to implementing software updates to cap the performance of its older phones. Apple claims these phones might have battery issues that cause them to turn off without forewarning.

Apple’s Argument for Slowing Old iPhone Models

Most of those who own old iPhones suspect Apple slowed their devices to encourage them to purchase new phones. It seems like a logical and prudent business decision.  Unfortunately for Apple, the cat is out of the bag and the public is well aware of its shady tactics. The company’s executives are adamant the updates were implemented as the performance of lithium-ion batteries suffers as time progresses. This reduced performance sometimes leads to a rapid shut down of phones to protect their sensitive internal components. The company stated software updates for older phone models like the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE to accommodate peak power demands, reduce the odds of a surprise shutdown and extend battery lifespan.

Do the Updates Work?

Apple’s updates for the phone models noted above do not always result in fast processing speeds. The updates allow phones to reorder commands to ensure they are not all performed together. This reordering causes a slowdown of the typical system response times yet they prevent shutdowns.  The fact that Apple did not let its customers know about the intentional slowdown is precisely why the company will lose some customers who had been faithful for years or even decades.

A Look at the Future of Apple and the iPhone

Apple representatives state the company will continue to use the feature with additional products across posterity. The company’s aim is to provide the optimal experience for users, prolong device lifespan and boost overall performance. However, plenty of Apple customers question the company’s true motives. Plenty of those who own older Apple iPhone models will undoubtedly switch to competitors.  Others will upgrade to the latest edition of the iPhone to ensure they have a phone that processes information at an acceptable rate of speed.