Amazon vs Google: Best Friends Becoming Worst Enemies?

by: The Knowledge Group

December 11, 2017


Everybody remembers what it’s like from school days when two good friends suddenly have the argument of the century and stop talking to each other. They suddenly go from best buddies to the worst possible enemies, and everyone else in the vicinity is given full notice of spat as well. That’s the case today with Google’s YouTube and Amazon.

The fracas started when Amazon, wanting to carve out its own distinct territory and create a market for its up-and-coming hardware stopped distributing Google hardware. This started in 2015 with the removal of Google hardware for chrome-cast video and streaming and continued with barring Google Nest smart home kit. In return, Google has now reciprocated and cut off feed to anything YouTube for Amazon FireStick users. This back and forth of “take my toys and go home” hits is evidencing a clear trend – tech giants don’t play well together in an environment where data and media sharing is a must. Their tendencies for monopoly are in full swing and oozing out regardless of sweet words to consumers about access equality for everyone. The only irony is that instead of the consumers being short-shrifted, the companies are stabbing each other in the back.

Dubbed a “lack of reciprocity,” Google’s official statements on the matter put the spat squarely on Amazon for fault. Amazon for its defense argues Google is the one monopolizing YouTube access. Both companies are behaving petty when it’s clear the overall market wants as much Internet-of-all-Things integration as possible. Unfortunately, when companies stagnate, they begin to turn on their closest partners first for market cannibalization.

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