A Quick Pre-Deadline Primer on Illinois MCLE Compliance

by: The Knowledge Group

July 22, 2019


Here’s what Illinois attorneys need to know, in a nutshell.

The Illinois MCLE Requirement

The total hours required in Illinois is 30, which includes 4 hours of Professional Responsibility, 1 hour of Diversity and Inclusion, and 1 hour of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. In Illinois, attorneys take the entire total online. Other CLE courses should address civility, professionalism or legal ethics. Newly admitted lawyers have different requirements that include basic lawyering skills.

What’s Changed Since the 2017 Compliance Period

Illinois attorneys still have a 30-hour minimum CLE requirement. But whereas the requirement used to simply contain 6 hours of Professional Responsibility, it is now broken down to 4 hours of Professional Responsibility, 1 of Diversity and Inclusion, and 1 of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

An order issued in January by the Illinois Supreme Court tightened requirements and reporting rules.

From this year on, judges, magistrates, and clerks must register with the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission. If they are not in active practice, they must affirmatively qualify as exempt. Partial-year exemptions have ended.

How to Report Credits

In Illinois, attorneys self-report at the end of their two-year reporting period. In 2019, an odd-numbered year, attorneys whose last name starts with N through Z will have completed the 30 hours by June 30. The reporting deadline is July 31. For assistance, visit or call the Minimum Continuing Legal Education Board at 312.924.2420. You may also contact us.

Final Note: CLE Providers for Illinois Attorneys

Effective July 1, 2019, CLE providers must record lawyers’ attendance and report their hours—including the new professional responsibility hours.

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