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Intellectual Property Law
Apple v. Samsung: The Six-Year-and-Counting Patent Battle Is Back in Court

The sultans of smartphones are facing off again this week in a San Jose courtroom. The Apple v. Samsung patent infringement battle is set to resume. The question before the court? What Samsung owes for infringing on five of Apple’s utility and design patents—including a patent on the iPhone’s rectangular design, and its arrangement of easily grasped symbols against […]

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IBM Bans Staff From Using USB Sticks At Work

IBM staff are no longer allowed to use USB sticks while at work. The decision was made in an effort to improve company-wide cybersecurity. Removable memory devices like flash drives, SD cards and USB sticks are no longer allowed on-site. Though this might seem draconian in nature, the decision makes sense as IBM would suffer considerable damage if staff […]

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Government Law
Trump Makes Waves Pulling Out of Iran Deal

President Trump has not only announced that the United States will leave a landmark deal to restrict Iran’s nuclear weapons development. Trump also reinstated sanctions on businesses involved with Iran, with the U.S. Treasury giving companies 3-6 months to wind down their contracts for Iranian oil and other goods. As the contracts represent billions of euros, Trump’s recent move has […]

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Supreme Court To Let States Legalize Gambling

The Supreme Court, after hearing a case that was first filed by the state of New Jersey, has just struck down a 1992 law barring states from allowing sports gambling. In a 6-3 opinion, Justice Samuel Alito wrote that the federal law violates the 10th Amendment because it is tantamount to forcing states into a federal regulatory scheme. “Congress can regulate sports gambling directly, but if it […]

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