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Health Care
Generic Epi-Pen Could be Lifesaver for Allergy Sufferers

Allergy sufferers rejoice: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finally given approval to a generic EpiPen.  The introduction of an affordable EpiPen to the United States market is a major victory for those plagued by food allergies, drugs insect stings and other allergens.  Allergy sufferers have been shelling out several hundred dollars for each of these lifesaving devices.  […]

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Communications Law
Release the Tweets: Trump Pressed to Unblock Critics

President Trump recently unblocked dozens of people on Twitter, allowing them renewed access to the Trump tweet stream. The accounts reportedly include those of filmmakers, writers, and others known to have posted critical comments about the president. Columbia University’s Knight First Amendment Institute pressed the Department of Justice in August to unblock numerous Twitter accounts that the president had blocked. The […]

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Cyber Security
App-y Holidays? Air Canada Data Breach Puts Passport Details at Risk

Air Canada’s app has been hacked. The hack exposes flyers’ sensitive customer information to evildoers. This digital breach is especially damaging as customer passport numbers are now within the purview of cyber miscreants. Though Air Canada has responded with a well-organized response in an attempt to save face and prevent a subsequent breach, the hack will […]

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Intellectual Property Law
Apple Denied “Face Time” With Court In Patent Suit

The first big loss Apple had in recent years was in its mega-battle with Samsung over smartphones. Now comes the next strike over Facetime. The popular video/phone communication app was deftly appropriated by Apple and incorporated in its devices. Company decision-makers likely thought their corporate size could easily fend off a challenge from a much smaller […]

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