December 2019

California MCLE Audit: Keep Calm, Stay Compliant, and Carry On
      0 Comments     2019-12-12

Continuing Legal Education compliance auditors sent out dozens of emails sent from the California Bar, raising alarm bells with attorneys, and causing confusion about requirements. More than a hundred lawyers received audit notifications. Some, to their surprise, were deemed noncompliant. Panic is understandable. The state bar has recently adopted a policy of slapping “consumer alerts” on the bar profiles of lawyers on involuntary inactive status due to noncompliance. […]

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Intellectual Property Law
Super Safe or Uber Creepy? Uber Starts Recording Rides
      0 Comments     2019-12-05

Uber is testing a recording system in some Brazilian and Mexican cities, where recordings could be given to the police, Reuters observes. Both countries have high levels of serious violence on the roads, including killings. But the company’s on a collision course with privacy groups as it spreads the concept in the United States—a mission already underway in Texas, Florida and Tennessee. Uber often […]

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Employment/Labor Law
McDonald’s Settles Away a Labor Black Eye in California
      0 Comments     2019-12-04

California has long been known as a frontier of liberalism versus the rest of the country. Highly pro-union, democratic-leaning and pushing boundaries on individual rights, the western state has frequently been the poster child of everything far left in the country, figuratively and literally. So it’s a bit of a surprise to find a case […]

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