September 2019

So, You Missed Your MCLE Deadline. What’s Next?
      0 Comments     2019-09-03

It’s not unusual for attorneys to miss their Continuing Legal Education deadlines. Here we discuss how attorneys handle missed deadlines—and offer some pointers for staying out of the penalty box. What Are the Typical MCLE Grace Periods? Your bar association website shows you state’s late filing process. Within a certain period, your state might accept late submissions without imposing penalties. If you […]

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Intellectual Property Law
Heard It Before? Singer Ed Sheeran Faces Intellectual Property Disputes
      0 Comments     2019-09-03

Hit singer Ed Sheeran has enjoyed the highest-grossing music tour in history, with 9 million people buying concert tickets to the tune of $736.7 million. Which may come in handy as Sheeran faces a $100 million intellectual property lawsuit. Ironically, the singer dubbed this lucrative performance series the Divide Tour.  Allegedly, one of the 29-year-old singer’s works borrows too much from Marvin Gaye’s classic soul hit “Let’s Get […]

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Your Yelp Data Influencing Eating Recommendations
      0 Comments     2019-09-03

The ability to use people’s prior search data for new suggestions on their buying behavior as they make other searches is not a new concept. Google and Yahoo both have been leveraging this user-provided resource for years. However, Yelp, the consumer service recommendation app and website, has now jumped on the same bandwagon with its […]

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